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The Bet‍‍‍ter Way To 401(k)

We partner with comprehensive fiduciary, recordkeeping, and administrative services to provide an innovative solution at a fraction of the cost. All fees are completely transparent—never hidden in the expense ratios of the investments or anywhere else. We can typically reduce your plan’s “all in” costs by 30 to 50%.

Your 401(k) should‍‍‍ include‍‍‍ only the lowest cost, most trusted index funds in each asset class, not funds with inflated expense ratios that come at the recommendation of an advisor or service provider with conflicts of interest.

Our focus on technology and a modern and efficient service models‍‍‍ allows your plan to benefit from streamlined and automated administrative function. ‍‍‍Overall, our approach means less hassle for employers and a better experience for employees.

Because of our unique approach, we will proudly serve as the plan’s ERISA 402(a) Named Fiduciary, the highest level of fiduciary responsibility and one which very few providers offer. We are contractually and legally obligated to act in the plan's best interest in all respects—and that's the way it should be!‍‍‍

Better Price

Better Integration

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With Betafits as your 401(k) partner, we will help you completely redefine your role and responsibilities as a plan sponsor, eliminate unnecessary layers of service providers and fees, and recalibrate your plan to maximize the retirement readiness of your employees.